Thinking about transparency.

How much does it matter that we understand what happens within a system, and does understanding change how we interact with it?

Western understanding is extractive in nature; this relationship of taking what we need from the system works in the “black box” world of request->receive->use/discard. How do we think of this differently in a more wholistic ontology?


Ten Things 04.10.17

Ten things this Wednesday:


  1. I was waylaid with a migraine yesterday- the ones I’ve been getting the past few months haven’t been painful, but very overwhelming. They remind me so much of sense memories I had when I was a kid, when the world would expand and contract like a surrealist painting. I remember trying to tell my parents, and I was a SUPER WEIRD kid, so they just shrugged and moved on.
  2. Working on some things with Linked Data and non-western ontologies; have done SO MUCH READING on how linked data works. Now I feel like I can actually start the work?
  3.  Struggling with how to demonstrate work when so much of it is just thinking.
  4. Kind of amazed at how much emotional labor coworkers can demand. Makes me appreciate the good ones so much more.
  5. Balancing all the things is impossible.
  6. I’m really digging the feeling of crossing things off the to-do list. It’s delightful and worth it and everything I ever wanted. It’s nice to remember that despite everything else, your true self is inside somewhere.
  7. There is starting to be a fall-type feeling in the air and I’m really happy about it.
  8. We’re headed east in a few weeks, and the leaves better be OUT.
  9. Time blocking is the only thing that is making any of my life slightly possible.
  10. There’s a mouse in our house. Hopefully, as of today, it will be out.


Working on a lot of long-term projects that feel both way too long-term, and also very very quick-term but large. The sweet spot of efficiency and productivity and not-burn-out is a hard one to attain, we’ll see how this weekend goes.

With these projects, so much of my thinking is about how we organize ourselves and the information we need. I’m doing a lot of writing on my computer, which means I’m also doing a lot of reading on printed-out articles and demanding the physical books from the library to ease my poor stressed out eyes. This also helps because with an 11-inch screen, too many windows just means too much clicking and not enough doing. As always, I’ve got my manual to-do lists all fired up; notebooks 4lyfe.